Oregon Daily Fantasy Sports 2021

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Daily Fantasy Sports are a new kind of fantasy experience. Instead of assembling a team and going head-to-head for a full season, daily fantasy sports give you the chance to buy in to short competitions and maybe win some cash.

DFS is a good alternative for sports betting in Oregon.

Playing Daily Fantasy Sports – how does it work?

If you’re in Oregon and are 18 years old or older, you can start playing DFS competitions today. You might be wondering how to DFS. Read on for more daily fantasy advice, daily fantasy strategy, and info for beginner players.

Daily fantasy competitions differ from regular fantasy sports in a number of ways. These short term contests can last a day or a week, but rarely go longer than that. In this way, players can potentially have the excitement of turning over a big win several times throughout a season.

Additionally, since you’re not assembling a team to compete long term, daily fantasy strategy is much different from traditional fantasy sports. DFS providers will give you a selection of players to choose from, and you have to assemble a team based on stats, scores, etc.

There will be certain prizes to take advantage of if you win the contest, and are often a function of how much you’ve bought in. Prizes and amounts are usually dictated by game type, such as head-to-head matches, tournaments, and qualifiers. Of course, in a qualifier, your prize is moving on to the next round!

Fantasy Sports Basics

If you’re still wondering how to DFS, your best bet is to read this article and then open an account with one of our preferred daily fantasy operators listed below. All three have stellar reputations for being great sites for beginner players and experienced fantasy sports wizards alike. Daily fantasy advice, competitions, and more should be offered by the DFS operator of your choice.

When you’ve picked the right daily fantasy sports operator for you, sign up for an account and verify your location and age by providing personal information. All DFS sites recommended here are secure and licensed with the state, so don’t be worried about sharing these details–they’re necessary if you’re 18+ and want to win real money.

Once your account is opened, don’t forget to take advantage of welcome offers before you make your first deposit. Most of the time, DFS sites will offer free site credits to help you compete as a beginner. These credits aren’t transferable as cash, but the bonus credit is a great way to get started.

Different Types of Fantasy Leagues to Play

We’ve got all the daily fantasy advice you could need right here, but first it’s important to choose a type of fantasy sports league. Take a look at the kinds of competitions offered on DFS sites to get an idea of which type of league it is: head-to-head or totals or a variant of both. Make sure to brush up on daily fantasy strategy, such as how to DFS before you dive in. Read more for info on differences among leagues.

For example, FanDuel is mostly a head-to-head league. You will pit real athletes against each other in fantasy contests where you can potentially win real money. Those teams will be put to the test against real human players somewhere in the US. If you edge out the competition, you have a chance to win real money based on your buy-in.

Another way to distinguish fantasy sites is by what kind of competitions are offered. For example, Monkey Knife Fight focuses mainly on what are called “player props”, predictions on player performance that are a face-off between the stats of two or more athletes. MKF is a totals league, because you are essentially playing against the stats set by Monkey Knife Fight, not other real players.

Types of DFS Contests

Within DFS sites, you’ll find a bunch of different contest types often with proprietary names for each operator. These contests like “Single Game Showdown”, “Beat The Score”, or “Stat Shootout” can actually be boiled down to a few simple contest types. Check your preferred daily fantasy advice site for more information on how to buy in to the following contest types:

  • Tournaments, Satellites, and Qualifiers: These contests are usually totals-based, and allow players to rack up points in satellite and qualifying matches to win big tournament prizes. Often, you won’t be able to cash out any real money unless you qualify for a late round of the tournament.
  • Multipliers: Multiplier games are specially earmarked matches that offer higher payout multipliers. Look for these matches on the regular basis, because their difficulty is matched by the potential to win big.
  • Head-to-Heads: Not all DFS providers offer head-to-heads. For those of us that have a competitive spirit, head-to-head matches are some of the most engaging. They require a great deal of daily fantasy strategy because you’re playing a real person, winner take all.
  • Double Ups: Also called 50/50s because of the chances to win or double your buy-in, playing Double Ups are an interesting daily fantasy strategy. Instead of spending time and energy researching the perfect prop, you can buy into a 50/50 and simply make it into the top half of players to win.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

There are plenty of sites offering DFS out there. Look for sites that offer your preferred welcome offers, daily fantasy advice on how to DFS, and more. Here’s a list of our preferred choices for daily fantasy gaming; more choices are arriving on the market every day, so check back with us for updates.

Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the newest additions to the DFS world, and its innovative, eye-catching design is one of the reasons it is quickly becoming a major competitor. MKF is perhaps the simplest to use of all the DFS sites we’ve mentioned, and that’s thanks to its player prop system.

When you’re on MKF, all you’ve got to do is assemble your roster, buy in, and watch the results. With a good variety of game types and lots of opportunities to earn free credits. Also, the Monkey Knife Fight promo code is a must-download for new sports bettors in Oregon.


FanDuel is perhaps the most well-known in daily fantasy sports, daily fantasy strategy, and now. With the numberFire strategy center, you can learn from industry pros about the best way to give yourself an edge.

In addition to great daily fantasy advice, FanDuel has a great selection of game types, tournaments, and incentives to keep players engaged and enjoying their time on the platform. With a loyalty program in the Rewards Center and new promotions on a regular basis, FanDuel does more than its share to attract new players and hold on to existing ones.


DraftKings sits in second place behind FanDuel, but that may soon change. DraftKings is another daily fantasy sports website with a rapidly growing user base thanks to great promotions, numerous daily games, and good payouts.

With a decent help section and info on daily fantasy strategy, DraftKings is a great choice for beginner fantasy sports players, especially if you’re wondering how to DFS. DraftKings has also recently revamped their rewards program completely, so get on there for extra bonuses every time you play.

How to Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

After taking a look at this handy guide, simply navigate to the operator of your choice, provide a bit of personal information, and create your account by clicking the Sign Up button. Once you’ve verified your age and location and made your first deposit, you’ll be ready to start buying into daily fantasy competitions all across the US.

And of course, don’t forget to check back with us for more daily fantasy advice, strategy and advice on how to DFS for beginners. Now get out there and start competing!